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Stairs are one of our specialties. We have created some of the most stunning and beautiful stairs imaginable. From simple straight stairs to spiral to circular free standing stairs, we can create the entire stair package ready for installation.

Experience and attention to detail makes a huge difference in choosing a mill. You trust your mill to select the lumber well and to then mill the lumber to exactly what you want. Bringard is very precise in how it goes about the process, from start to finish. Look at the gallery of finished work. Our decades of experience and talent keep Bringard in a league of its own when it comes to quality. We don’t cut corners. While old world craftsmanship may be lost in many areas of our society, we pride ourselves in the skill of milling and doing the best work possible. Don’t settle for poor quality when Bringard can provide you with the best. Often, the cost of ‘fixing’ poor quality and the extra work required makes the investment in quality a less expensive option.

For your next stair project, come it to let our professional staff help you from start to finish. You will see whey experience matters.