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Bill Finnegan

Bill started his woodworking career in 1974 working for a well known high end wood mill. He entered their apprentice program and also began taking college classes to further help his career. After a 4 year apprenticeship, Bill became a journeyman at the mill. He also began working part time in the drafting and engineering department on wood projects. Bill later became the foreman over the entire drafting and engineering department and supervised 5 other draftsmen. After over 13 years, Bill left the industry for a short time but soon returned with a group of skill craftsmen to open a new mill doing high end architectural wood working. After 4 years there, Bill came over to Bringard and began working with Mike and his craftsmen giving them a great addition with an experienced engineer and draftsman. Bill has been our go-to guy for all the complex technical wood problems for the last 29 year. Almost guaranteed, there isn’t a problem Bill hasn’t seen, and then fixed in his long career in architectural milling. Call Bill and he’ll get you started or fix any problem you have. He has the solutions that only come with experience.